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10. Apr 18

Preparing VAT Records to File VAT Returns Online b...

​VAT simply means value added tax. VAT returns submission is a requirement of the law. VAT returns have a number of set rules and regulations as by the HM revenue and customs. VAT is applicable to a...

09. Apr 18

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Community - Blogs

Community! Upload Photos, post blogs, add events, and send messages all to friends within your local community!

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How Do I Obtain Service Tax Registration Online

For a company providing taxable services, it is mandatory that a service tax registration is done. This will be used to track all the details of the entity dealing with the compliance to tax regulatio...

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Why Is Universal Health Care Successful In UK And ...

The UK and Europe at large are among the regions that have made tremendous steps in making healthcare affordable to all the residents.

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How many people in the UK don’t have healthcar...

the United Kingdom health care system is listed among best globally by Healthcare Organization.

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How Do I Register as Employer for Provident Fund? ...

Every business is expected to grow with time. At some stage in operation, it will be required to register for provident fund. With the modern technological advancements, the internet has made processe...

03. Apr 18

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In the UK you do not have to register

VAT means valued added tax. This type of tax is a requirement by the government. Using the HM revenue and customs department government is able to facilitate VAT processes in terms of registration, fi...

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Why Does Hollywood Produce So Many Sci-fi or Relat...

Most geeks, if not all, are in love with sci-fi movies. But with every passing superhero movie being released, many of them are losing interest

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Accountants in Edinburgh and Tax Expert | Nicky Cr...

with so many rules and regulations in place, carrying out tax functions and other accounting functions becomes a challenge.

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Are Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Affordable for...

Small business has to carefully consider all the option they intend to use in terms of bookkeeping and accounting services. This is mainly because small businesses need to avoid adding up to expenses


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